About The Evolutionary VA

It was in my genes.

All I ever wanted to be was a secretary – no ‘ifs, buts or maybes’.    The day I got my first real typewriter is a landmark on my timeline – shivers of excitement and delight run up and down my spine as I recall it. OK, I hear shouts of “Calm yourself woman!”. Hey, that’s what floated my boat in 1962.

My First Typewriter

Stepping out of the primordial soup in 1972 I qualified as an Executive Secretary. Within three months I’d found my natural environment in London – starting to stand up straight as a personal assistant, administrator, office manager and Executive PA.  I roamed wild and free  – working in TV, hotels, academia and corporate organisations.

I  briefly mutated into an au pair in Luxembourg.

I flourished and attracted a mate.  Back in North West  England, occasionally sojourning in New York, I diversified – Customer Services Manager, Project Manager, ISO Administrator.

Call it what you will though – I still had ‘secretary’ stamped firmly on my brow and built into my DNA.  It was the bedrock on which my highly successful career was built.

But whilst I was evolving – so was my world.  I woke up one day and realised I was about to go the way of the Dinosaur. My gut instinct said “Whoa – definitely time to move on ahead before the rest of the herd – now!”.

So, here I am – a  Virtual Assistant – the final stage in the evolution of my particular species.



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