So what’s so evolutionary about this?

There are various theories about the evolution of Man – some subscribe to one, some to another.  No problem. Choose the one that sits comfortably with you. This isn’t about Big Bang theory, theology, philosophy, cosmology, astronomy or physics. It’s far more important than that.

We’re talking ‘Secretary’ here.

For the purposes of this exercise, I’m going for the ‘evolution over three billion years or so’ theory – only because it’s a good benchmark. When the opportunity arises, I’ll do an infograph comparing the evolution of Man to the evolution of the Secretary.

I’ve been thirty-five years in the secretarial business. I learned how to type on a manual typewriter which was something the size of an anvil and weighed about the same.  Now, I work in The Cloud.  The tools of my trade are my smart phone, a desk top PC and a laptop.  I  nonchalantly use software that my old maths teacher wouldn’t cope with.

I’ll be sharing some valuable knowledge about best secretarial practice, being a Virtual Assistant and numerous other nuggets and tips that I’ve discovered in my evolutionary journey from secretary to virtual assistant.

I’ll be reviewing a few books too.

If you disagree with my thoughts and advice – don’t just sit there and fester or scream at your pc. Comment, and we’ll have a debate.  If you’d like to share your secretarial knowledge for the greater good – that’s fine too.

Join me in my evolution.